My inspiration is gathered from dreams, synchronicities and experiences that are meaningful to me.

Since 1998 I have been dealing with Carl Gustav Jung’s theory on the Archetypes in my work and the use of imagery I use is greatly influenced by that interest. I am working in glass, painting and collage. The starting points of a piece of artwork are generally sketches or samples, often it is a combination of more then just one.  I am also using ancient images, like an aspect of an Icon painting or a Assyrian sculpture. Using several images plays a part in the sense that I am interested in the overlapping of different levels (time, spiritual, real, unconscious etc.). Working that way manifests those levels in the piece of artwork. It is symbolized by the use of lines, which divide or connect different elements of the work, therefore composition plays a vital part in my work.

Like I try to balance myself, I try to balance the work. That does not only count for the different levels, but for all elements I am dealing with. It is a matter of trying to arrange the elements of the piece, so they match the according aspect of psychological developement within myself, or the way I would like that aspect to develop. As that is often not accomplished in one go, I tend to work in series. Often one aspect shows up in a number of pieces, that is when something has not been resolved or when that aspect has to be viewed from different angles. 

Another theme of my work is recycling. Some of the glass I use is bottle glass and some of the material I use in my collages is wrapping-paper etc, which I have been given, so I am recycling when I use these materials. This represents another layer of meaning in my work. If humanity does not move to a more considered way of dealing with the planet, it will eventually disappear. On the other hand, I look at the necessity for humanity to deal with its spiritual resources and the resources of the soul. Spirituality has always been one of the strongest supports of the human psyche, however the tendency is to turn away from it. It is essential to create a balance between the influences of todays world and what is relevant to our personal development, our soul. Spirituality operates on a level free from superficial values.
In all my artistic efforts the viewer plays a part too. Working with archetypes and symbolism includes the viewer on a great scale. As these themes have a multiple character, their dynamic is strong and ongoing. The archetypes in my dreams engage me in a process, and through my artwork, may also effect the viewer and therefore trigger off their process of  addressing the self. There is another aspect too, the idea that the presence of a viewer can influence matter, has been scientifically proven in the field of quantum mechanics. Since the origins of art there has always been a recipient, either being divine or human. Therfore taking quantum mechanics into account, it could mean that the viewer is an essential part belonging to the concept of art itself. In incorporating the idea that thought can change matter in the creative process, I treat my materials as a carrier for imformation.