Mary von Stockhausen was born 1975 in Göttingen, Germanymary

1995/96Foundation Diploma in Art and Design,  KIAD Maidstone, England
1996-99 BA Glass Hons in Glass and Architectural Glass,  ECA Edinburgh Scotland 
2000 founded the Lewenhagener Stuckists together with Tim Nathan Joel
2000-2007 Several visits in England connected with activities of the Stuckist movement
2004 founded the ´Stuckism Center Germany ´ in Löwenhagen near Göttingen
2004-2005 Comission for a Glass mural  for the Steiner School Schloß Hamborn
2010 Joining the artmovement  `Institute Collective Remodernism´ 
2010 Working together with the Gallery Artodrome in Berlin, Germany 
Besides her artistic activities Mary von Stockhausen runs the family business ( Forestry ). She is married to the photogapher Christian Malsch-von Stockhausen and has a son and a daughter.



2000 3rd International Groupexhibition ´Glasplastiken und Garten´ Munster, Deutschland

2001-2007 Taking part in several Groupexhibitions of the artmovement  Stuckism in Großbritannien, USA, Australien and Deutschland a few of which are the following:

  • 2001 ´Vote Stuckists´ The Fridge Gallery, London, England
  • 2002 ´First Stuckist International´  Stuckism International Center, London, England
  • 2003 ´War on Bush` Stuckism International Center, London, England
  • 2004 ´Stuckist Punk Victorian´ Walker Gallery, Liverpool, England
  • 2006 ´The Triumph of Stuckism`Hope Gallery, Liverpool, England
  • 2006 ´Stuckomenta I` Haus Drei, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2009 `Collages´ Galerie Silberstein, Göttingen, Deutschland
  • 2010 `Shanghai Artfair ` Shanghai, China;
    • `Methamorphosis` LDX Gallerie Bejing, China
    • `Institute of Collective Remodernism` Lauderdale House, London, England